Procurement & General Exporter

  • General Exporter & Supplier Services
  • Supplier Identification & Evaluation
  • RFP Management
  • Purchase Orders
  • Subcontracts Management
  • Expediting: Production Control, Acceptance, Test Certificates, Schedule Control.
  • Deliveries: Declaration of Conformity, Certifications & Approvals.
  • Logistics
  • Custom Clearance
  • Warranty Follow-up

With over 40 years of experience as a trusted General Exporter, MAVEG has been supplying sophisticated industrial plants, cutting-edge equipment, machinery, high-quality materials, and spare parts to esteemed international enterprises across diverse industries.

MAVEG utilizes efficient procurement and sourcing processes to minimize supply market risk and increase product quality and supplier service levels through improved relationships.

By taking advantage of our wide network of trusted and tested global suppliers and licensors, our Clients can be certain that their equipment and materials arrive to its final destination on time and without complications.